Thriving Childhood

"Thriving Childhood" is a project that allows children to develop their social, intellectual and linguistic skills through games. This is how children discover and understand the world around them as well as the concepts of having fun and social interactions, which is essential to their development. With this in mind, the project donates toys and/or financial support to rural public kindergarten and their pupils, thus enabling children to grow up with all the necessary social and intellectual skills. The 2018 edition of this project donated playgrounds to the kindergarten of the public primary school of Savi Djègo in the commune of Ouidah.

For the second edition in 2019, ProGen Benin donated various educational toys (puzzles, letters and numbers games, construction games, balloons, notebooks and coloring pencils, cars, dolls, etc.) and to this same school in Savi Djego, with the aim of facilitating learning for small children in their first year at school. These toys will stimulate their creativity and help them to learn how to social skills as they interact with other children.

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